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Feel the Love When You Walk In: Future Directions for Afterschool

Step into a world where afterschool is seen through the eyes of young people! Join our upcoming webinar, June 26th at 2pm, for an exciting grand release of our Powered by Youth Voice: Future Directions for Afterschool survey report that shares insights from over 1,000 young people across the country. Hear from research and youth partners to discover what young people find meaningful about their afterschool experiences and their ideas to make them even better so they feel truly welcomed, engaged, and loved when they walk in.


  • Jenna Sethi, Informed Change

  • Tamara Hamai, Hamai Consulting

  • Alex Lee Yang, Youth Leader, Kalamazoo

  • Marco Lima, Youth Leader, Providence

  • Nadia-Grace Freeman, Youth Leader, Nashville

  • Hikma Sherka, Every Hour Counts

  • Marcus Pope, Youthprise

The Powered by Youth Voice: Future Directions for Afterschool survey was co-created by Informed Change, Hamai Consulting, and youth researchers with support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and in partnership with Every Hour Counts and Youthprise. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to hear from the incredible researchers at Informed Change and Hamai Consulting as well as youth from our Powered by Youth Voice community on how they’ve used the data to influence the design of their youth-led projects!

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