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Explorers of the Deep - keep exploring!

NYS 4-H Family STEM Challenge

We dove into Explorers of the Deep, this year's 4-H STEM Challenge, at the Unboxing Event earlier this week. The recording and supporting materials are now posted.

Check out the event page for more information and lots of activities you can still join:

  • The On Demand Activities section has a variety of 4-H, Cornell University, and community resources to keep learning about the ocean and environmental stewardship.

  • Join us in Live Activities for virtual tours of research labs, coding activities, and opportunities to plan community action.

  • Share stories of your adventures. We'll compile these into a video chronicling this event.

  • Find out more about the kit and national resources.

NJ 4-H Field Education Program to Antarctica

Also, if you are interested in continuing your ocean adventures, check out this opportunity from our NJ 4-H collaborators:

Educators will follow a team of researchers as they conduct science research at the Western Antarctic Peninsula. This program includes 3 parts:

Part 1: A one-hour orientation – virtually with the science team

Part 2: Choose one of three activity units to facilitate with a group of youth

  • Data to the Rescue: Penguins Need our Help! - Join Dr. Cimino’s team researching penguin species in Antarctica. Students will complete 4 lesson modules.

  • ID Antarctica: Join Andrew Corso in helping to identify critters living in Antarctica. Students will complete 5 practice identification and then 5 live through media posts from Andrew.

  • When Whale I see you again? Join the whale research team in their work to track migrating humpback whales. Students will complete the When Whale I see you again data nugget in preparation for their video teleconference call.

Part 3: Participate in a live Video Teleconference Call (VTC) from Antarctica with researchers.

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