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Creating Program Quality Evaluation Tools: Join the Conversation

We’d love your help!

Helping youth thrive starts with cultivating nourishing developmental contexts where young people find and pursue sparks, experience belonging, and are engaged in learning in developmental relationships with adults. And what evidence do we have that young people are experiencing this nourishing developmental context? The national Program Planning and Evaluation for PYD Impact Working Group explores questions like these.

They would like to invite you to partner with them to discuss program quality. What does it mean for staff and volunteers to run a high-quality program? What are essential aspects of a 4-H program that MUST be in place for it to be high-quality? Your thoughts will help build evaluation resources.

Learn more program quality and share your insights at an hour-long webinar held on either December 15 at 1 PM or January 9 at 2:30 PM. The same information will be covered in each meeting; choose the timing that works best for you. If you are interested, sign up for either session here.

Contact Celeste Janssen with questions.

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