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Access, Equity, and Belonging Committee Releases Fact Sheets

Helping Youth Thrive Through an Equity Lens

Fact Sheets By the 4-H Program Leaders Working Group Access, Equity, and Belonging Committee

4-H has made a bold commitment to youth across the country; to reflect the population demographics, vulnerable populations, diverse needs, and social conditions of the country (United States Department of Agriculture, 2017). 4-H has affirmed we will help close the opportunity gap for marginalized youth and communities to fully thrive (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy, 4-H, 2019; National 4-H Council, 2020). Making good on these promises requires that all those working with youth in 4-H critically analyze current programs and deliver 4-H programs through an equity lens.

The 4-H PLWG, Access, Equity, and Belonging Committee created a series of Fact Sheets so that 4-H professionals throughout the country can help youth fully thrive.

Ten Fact Sheets:

  • Thriving Through an Equity Lens

  • Immigrant and Refugee Youth

  • LGBTQ+ Youth

  • Youth in Foster Care

  • Youth with Disabilities

  • Youth Living in Poverty

  • Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • African American Youth

  • Latinx Youth

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native Youth

You will learn:

  • Social conditions of the specific youth population

  • Competencies needed to engage the specific youth population

  • Methods to foster belonging and participation

  • Tactics for making 4-H relevant and marketable, and more!

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