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8 New York 4-H'ers Participate in the Northeast States 4-H Speak Up Festival

In 2021, a group of 4-H staff and faculty from across the Northeast region worked on a collaborative effort to create the first virtual Northeast States 4-H Presentations Fest. This event aimed to provide youth with additional opportunities to improve and showcase their communication skills.

This year's event featured thirty 4-H youth from nine states including eight NYS 4-H'ers. All eight NY participants took home blue ribbons with three taking the purple ribbon top honors.

Congrats to all involved on this successful event!


Top Row: Elias Freire, Micha Kluesner, Andrew Alcruz, ZeldaKosofksy; Bottom Row: Alyssa Healy, Cristina D'Amico, Abigail Marino

Not Pictured: Harriet Kress

Elias Freire, Age 16, Orange County, NY

Topic: Extemporaneous Speech

Micha Kluesner, Age 17, Oswego County, NY

Topic: How to Write a Book

Andrew Alcruz, Age 14, Rockland County, NY

Topic: Following Nature

Zelda Kosofksy, Age 16, Dutchess County, NY

Topic: Story From a 16-Year-Old Young Woman

Alyssa Healy, Age 17, Fingerlakes District, NY

Topic: From Calf to Lactating Cow and Almost Everything In Between

Harriet Kress, Age 14, Columbia/Green Counties, NY

Topic: Dramatic Reading

Cristina D'Amico, Age 13, South Central Distric, NY

Topic: Feelings

Abigail Marino, Age 17, Dutchess County, NY

Topic: All About FFA

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