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4-H Program Planning & Reporting Update Sessions

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The NYS 4-H Team has been working to simplify the 4-H Program Planning and Reporting Process. You may have seen several recent announcements noting that we are:

  • Shifting group enrollments from 4-H Online to PD&R

  • Connecting PDR 4-H Outcomes to a new Statewide Plan of Work

  • Submitting Local Plans of Work in PDR

Please join us for one of the following sessions to learn more about what is happening as we walk you through the process. We'll explore tools to simplify your collection and suggest practices to prepare for your Annual Reporting. These sessions are intended to help you support your local program as well as get year end program reporting done.

April 6th @ 10am

April 18th @ 2pm

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