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4-H Career Explorations Registration Update


We have 96 youth representing 25 CCE Associations and 1 campus program collaboration registered so far for Career Explorations. The Vet for a Day focus program is full.

We'll be reaching out to chaperones soon via email inviting them to the Moodle course which will guide everyone through the clearance and training process. If you are sending volunteer chaperones but would also like access to the course, just let Alexa know to get connected.

Registrations are due May 15.


Initial registration information is also shared on the website. To register, all adult chaperones (CCE staff and volunteers), need to complete the Career Explorations Chaperone Event Registration Form. This form collects the information and permissions we need for Cornell Risk Management policy and procedures and also for event logistics.

As we did last year, youth participants will complete a printable registration form, which they will give to their local CCE 4-H Youth Development program to be entered into the online CCE Event Registration form (opening April 19). Youth and their families complete the online Cornell Parental/Guardian Consent and Release Agreement form. The downloadable form for youth (as well as some promotional materials) are also linked in the Registration section. These forms and this process have been revised for this year's experience in order to follow Cornell University's Children and Youth Safety policy and risk management procedures. You will notice there are more steps and the process will likely take longer this year, especially for chaperone registration. Please let Alexa know what questions you have. We want to work together as we navigate these new requirements.

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