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4-H Career Explorations Chaperone Orientation

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The 4-H Career Explorations Chaperone Advisors have created a wonderful online course to help all adult chaperones (staff and volunteers) prepare to support youth at the event.

The Moodle course is designed to help orientate chaperones to their role during the event and be space where we can prepare together. There are 5 short modules to complete:

  • NYS 4-H SafeR Spaces

  • Youth Safety and Protection

  • 4-H Career Explorations Preparation

  • COVID-19 Response

  • Thank you (including a very short wrap-up survey)

To complete this course, please finish each module. Some modules have specific information for CCE Staff or for Volunteers and in that case participants can choose the information relevant for them. They can finish as many as they like at a time and then come back later for the next step. We're asking each chaperone to complete the course by June 20, 2022.

Enrollment instructions for have been emailed directly to all chaperones. If you need that information again, please contact Alexa.

If you have questions as you complete this course, you can ask them in forum message boards along the way and also send questions to Alexa. Thank you!

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