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Youth Building Events

See below for a list of events taking place in the Youth Building at the 2024 New York State Fair. More information will be shared soon.

Friends Playing Video Games

August 22nd - e-SPORTS

Main Stage

Contact: Nicole Fiorentino

Family Cooking

August 25th - 4-H Cook-Off

3pm | Main Stage

Contact: Vicki Fleming

Register here by August 2nd

Colorful Cupcakes

August 31st - Cupcake Showdown


Contact: Kristina Gabalski

Register here by August 15th

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

August 23rd - WHEP

1pm | Main Stage

Contact: John Bowe

Image by Ferdinand Stöhr

August 28-29th - PiNY


Contact: Rachel Williams or Sarah Clark

Clothes Hanging on a Rack

September 1st - Fashion & Textile Revue


Horse in Stable

August 24th - Model Horse Exposition



August 30th - Egg Prep & BBQ Contest


Contact: Mary Ann Whipple

Register here by August 19th

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