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Did you register?

After joining in the first session this week, I am looking forward to joining the remaining sessions. Sign-up to join in and yes, recordings are shared. If you are interested in the first recording, see below.

Thank you for attending yesterday’s IGNITE THE SPARK Session 1. We had over 270 individuals across the national register for the 5-part volunteer engagement series, and over 100 attend the live session!

As requested, websites that were viewed during the session include: We look forward to seeing you again on May 19th for Session 2: Personal Readiness. The Volunteer Specialists of the Southern Region

Meggan Franks

Volunteer and Leadership Development Specialist

4-H Youth Development

171 Knapp Hall, LSU

Baton Rouge, LA. 70803

Phone: 662-648-9032


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Volunteer Newsletter:

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