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Listed below are some important onboarding resources. I know it’s lengthy, but please review them as it will help you better understand how to navigate the 4-H Design Community.

I will be following up in the coming weeks with more tutorials, and am available for any questions you may have as you start to navigate the platform.

I’m so excited to have you all on board!

Jenn Bassman

NYS 4-H Marketing & Communications Liaison

Onboarding Resources:

  • 4-H Design Community Overview:

    • Once you’ve logged on, click on the “4-H Design Community” tab on the left-hand side. From there, the most used tabs are:

      • The “Designs” tab is a pinboard of all the templates we’ve created (the most recent being at the top).

      • The “Folders” tab are all the templates organized via categories and subcategories. There are over 200 templates, pictures and videos for you to access.

  • Access Cornell University / NYS 4-H Brand Kit:

    • Click on the “Brand Kit” tab under the “Tools” Menu on the right side of the screen

    • Scroll down until you find “Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Program”

    • You will also find brand kits for the “OLD” National 4-H Brand and for the “NEW” 4-H Brand. You will be able to toggle between these kits.

  • Review the Training Guide:

    • Click HERE for design training & tips

  • How to Share & Collaborate:

    • The easiest way to share templates and collaborate with 4-H Design Community members in your institutions is by accessing NYS 4-H Group and Shared Folders. The process is quick and easy:

      • Click the “Groups” tab on the 4-H Design Community main tabs

      • Click “New York State 4-H”

      • Additionally, in the “Your Projects” tab in the left-hand column, you should see a folder titled “New York State 4-H” where you can share assets.

  • How to Share Templates from the 4-H Design Community (to other Canva Accounts):

    • There are two ways to share templates from the 4-H Design Community to other Canva accounts:

      • By sharing the template link via email

      • Through Canva Teams via another Canva Account. If you aren’t familiar with Canva Teams read more here first.

      • I recorded a Zoom explaining (as best I can) how to do both of these options. Watch it here.

New 4-H Brand Identity Resources:

  • Web-workshop Recording: We recently hosted a webinar where Chis Root, Senior Director of Creative Services at National 4-H Council, presents and reviews the new 4-H Brand Identity. You’ll want to watch this to better understand the new resources explained below.

  • Toolkit: Located in the 4-H Design Community, under the folders tab, in a new separate folder called “NEW 4-H Brand Identity” in it you’ll find:

    • Flyers, post cards and social media templates

    • Boarders

    • Shapes & Icons

    • A photo cut-out guide

  • Guide: Attached is the Visual Brand Guide PDF presented in the Web-Workshop

  • Additional Templates: Based on feedback from the Web-Workshop, we are working on some additional boarders in all green and all white should you need them to work better with your Extension branding colors. Look for those soon!

What’s Ahead:

  • The Fall Resource Rollout with likely be a phased release beginning June 2022 with another Web-Workshop.

    • The resources will align with Marketing Brand Calendar including Back to School/4-H Enrollment, Hispanic Heritage Month and National 4-H Week

    • We will consider all your great feedback from the post Web-Workshop survey as we develop this rollout.


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