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Volunteer Connections: Finding Space for Mental Wellness in Every Program

To support you in your volunteer trainings, the Northeast Region Volunteerism team is offering a series of 5 sessions to share directly with your volunteers. An opportunity for your volunteers to join with others from across the region and supplement your county offerings. 


This month's session will provide an overview of the 4-H Healthy Living Mental Wellness program, including a snapshot of our current youth needs, programmatic offerings, resources, and strategies to support mental wellness in any program. You'll also have the chance to discuss your needs as they pertain to youth mental health and guidance for best practices in ensuring safety and belonging for all members.

Please note- a technology glitch means there is a new registration link moving forward. Anyone who has not yet registered can use this link ( and if you registered in advance for the remaining sessions, unfortunately, we would need you to register again. Sorry for the inconvenience and please reach out with any questions. 

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