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Using Youth Voices

Please check out the Using Youth Voices interviews on the NYS 4-H Facebook page. As you scroll, you will see interviews from 4-H alumni from Broome and Erie Counties. The interviews feature Tyler Dread and Kenyetta Plummer, Brianna Attey Mouanjo, and Zyanna Steele.

Using Youth Voices, a CCE Administration Innovation Grant project has created a series of "mechanisms"—including these videos--to give youth a way to share their ideas for transforming NYS 4-H into a welcoming and nurturing antiracist organization.

The January issue of Using Youth Voices eNews, features Diondra Dyer's guest column, In Their Own Words. Diondra is a 4-H alumnus from CCE Madison County and continues to be actively involved in NYS 4-H. Check out Diondra's suggestions for improving NYS 4-H.

Questions about the project can be directed to June Mead, Sara Jablonski, Sherman Webb-Middlebrooks, or Jamila Walida Simon.

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