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State Fair Updates - July 22

by Autumn Lavine (


Please fill out the form below and send it directly back to Zach Bakowski at the State Fair. It is preferred that you email this to him at before July 29, 2022 to ensure there is time to mail your passes.

Credential Request Form
Download DOC • 50KB

Passes have changed significantly since 2019 and simplified to only the 4 listed in bulk. Please note that the Grey/Orange/Brown lot is now a single pass and parking in those lots is 1st come 1st serve, lots will stay open until they are full. We can not answer questions about other types of passes, only Zach can help you with additional pass needs or questions.

State Fair Q & A Zoom Meetings

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 27, and Wednesday, August 1 at 10:00 am for State Fair Q & A Zoom meetings. Bring all of your questions! ZOOM LINK

Evaluation Form

As was mentioned in the Info Session, we are transitioning to a universal evaluation form. This will replace the Exhibitor Information Sheet that we have asked to be printed in the past. I recognize that the premium book refers to the Exhibitor statement and green cards. Green cards will still be used for this year but youth will now use the Universal Evaluation Form instead of the Exhibitor Information Statement. I have attached the Universal Eval form (printable and a fillable pdf) and you may also find it on the new staff site (

Green Cards

Don’t forget to let me know if you need green cards and about how many.


Wendy is still looking for Evaluators so if you have any folks that you think would enjoy evaluating at the State Fair and would recommend please let Wendy know (


I have been in contact with the entry office recently and since we are now moving to a different system I need a little information to help make this transition as streamlined as possible. Premium checks will still be issued to each county for the associations to distribute payments to youth. However, State Fair will now need the county association's EIN number. Please use the following form to submit your EIN number to me so that I can have each counties profile created for youth premium tracking. If you would prefer to not put it on this form you may call me to share this information.

District Planning

I hope this part of State Fair planning is moving along. Capital District shared this form with me and asked if I would share it with others in the event that it might be found to be helpful by others. Just be sure to copy the form before using it in your district. The link shared is specific to the Capital District therefore, please do not fill this specific form out unless you’re in the Capital district.

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