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NYS 4-H Horse Program: STATE FAIR 101

Happy Fair Season Everyone,

We wish you all good luck (and good weather) for all of your 4-H summer activities, especially county fairs! The NYS 4-H Horse team is working hard to prepare for the state fair- no new barns yet, but we received word that there will be better stalls and a lot more classes at the coliseum.

The NY State Fair is a HUGE event, with lots of moving pieces, many of which we can not control. I understand that sending youth to the state fair can sometimes be a challenge. We get questions like: where do we get our tickets? Who provides bedding? Where do I park my trailers? How do youth qualify? If you have ANY questions or feedback regarding the NYS Fair, please join us via Zoom on July 18th, 2023 at 10:00 am. Our Show Superintendent, Robin Bartholomew will provide a A-Z overview of the NYS Fair with time at the end for questions.

If you are a new educator, or new to 4-H horse we HIGHLY encourage you to join us. If you are a 4-H Horse veteran, please consider attending to help answer questions and add your experience to the conversation.

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