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Horse Program and Events Deadlines Approaching!

Just a few reminders for registration deadlines:

Horse Judging registration will be closing on August 4th:

Hippology registration is also closing on August 4th:

Horse Show registrations for the NYS 4-H Horse Shows at the State Fair are also DUE ON August 4th:

How to Enter:

  • NEW - Youth/parents must register online NOT EDUCATORS. There are TWO different online forms, BOTH need to be completed to enter. (We hope to streamline this process next year, thank you for taking this extra step this year.)

  • Exhibitors will need to complete both: 1) The NYS Fair 4-H Horse Show Entry Registration Form CLICK HERE FOR QUALTRICS FORM and 2) The NYS Fair ShoWorks Entry Form CLICK HERE FOR SHOWORK ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS.

  • Once registered, County Educators will receive an email to confirm that who registered qualify for the fair.

  • If the educator does not confirm that a registrant qualified for the fair, that registrant will receive an email notification that they will not be able to participate.

  • The deadline to register is August 4th. If your show is after, please work with your county educator. (Educators- please contact Brieanna at if your show is after August 4th for instructions.)

If you have any questions about these three registrations please let me know.

Thank you,

Jessica Tyson

NYS 4-H Horse Events Coordinator


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