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Alexa Maille Appointed as Interim 4-H Program Leader

We are pleased to share that NYS 4-H STEM Specialist Alexa Maille has been appointed as the interim 4-H Program Leader with a start date of January 1, 2024. Alexa will serve as the interim 4-H Program Leader through June of 2024, or until the position has been filled. CCE will work with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Cornell Human Ecology, to fill the full time 4-H leadership position with a national search beginning in the spring of 2024.

Alexa has been serving as 4-H State Specialist since 2014, joining the state team after working with the 4-H program CCE Clinton for seven years. Alexa has provided key leadership to the highly successful 4-H Career Explorations program, expanding youth participation to nearly every CCE Association and increasing the engagement with diverse Cornell departments, faculty and campus facilities that support the event. Alexa has also provided leadership for NYS 4-H participation in National 4-H Youth STEM challenge, including the Cornell led 4-H Drone Discovery project in 2016, and as a member of the National leadership team for the most recent Power Protectors challenge in 2023. Alexa has also played a key role in NYS 4-H justice, equity, diversity and inclusion efforts, and the national and NYS 4-H adoption of the Thrive Model of Positive Youth Development. Alexa holds a Masters in Youth Development from Michigan State University, MBA from Penn State University, and a Bachelors in Animal Science from Cornell University.

“I am grateful to be part of this wonderful team of 4-H professionals across NY State and look forward to supporting our dynamic community in this new way. I am excited to continue working together to help all youth thrive.”

Please join me in congratulating Alexa on this appointment and in providing support to her and the NYS 4-H program during this time of transition.

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