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4-H PYD Learning Circles

4-H PYD Learning Circles are an invitation to come together with colleagues and learn about how we can help young people thrive. To grow our professional practice and share research-based resources and current best practices for supporting colleagues and volunteers in cultivating positive youth development.

4-H PYD Learning Circles meet on Zoom every 3rd Thursday from 10 AM to 11:30 AM January 12 through April 27, 2023. This is open to all Extension professionals who work with youth.

Meetings will include time to deepen our understanding of positive youth development and also time to plan and reflect together on our practice. Maybe you’ll come to the circle wondering how the 4-H Thriving Model applies to your everyday work or maybe with a specific program in mind you’d like to apply to model to. Either way, we’ll each bring with us our personal sparks, strengths and resources which will help us to strengthen and expand our efforts to advance the 4-H Thriving Model.

Want to learn more? Contact Alexa with questions.

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